It’s About Time!

These days, I often complete my workouts during the day, sometime after lunch. With concerns over making time for kids, making and eating dinner, preparing for the next day, etc, etc, etc., I have modified my workout times over the years. Now, BK (before kids) I was free to workout whenever I wanted..a concept that is not exactly familiar to me anymore. I would go after work, have a spur of the moment run on a Saturday..ahhh..those were the days.

Even though I can’t workout whenever I want, I feel as though my dedication to being and staying fit has grown.  Working out gives me a chance to do something good for myself and be a (hopefully) a good fitness role model. Having to schedule workouts had made me more aware of the style that I prefer and well as forced me to be more innovative with the types of workouts that choose.  Making time-ANY time -for fitness and healthy living is important for parents. Although I struggle with the concept of getting up at 5 AM to run or do yoga (I’m only human!) or any other morning based workout, I know (hope?) that the work I do today is a building block for a healthy and fit foundation for me and my family.


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