Excuse me, Excuse me, What’s My Motivation?


Remember this commercial? I often think about that when I am undertaking a new goal or starting a new fitness regimen that is a challenge.I wonder what motivates others to do what they do to keep that drive to Keep. Going. That last 100 meters of a 10K, one more burpee at the end of your set, that one, final push.

I think that sometimes, motivation can be shallow, like ohhhhhh..you want to be sure that if you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever run into your ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend), that you are gonna be lookin’ RIGHT! Or the motivation to fit into that baaaad, eff ’em girl dress you used to wear or you do it because you want to run around with your kids.  Whatever it is, make it yours. Dig into it, accepted it for what it is and let it drive you.

Simply put, whether your motivation comes from deep inside or some shallow external source-it is yours and it can drive you to optimize the most valuable thing that you have-your health.  So own it.

Tell me. What’s YOUR motivation?


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