BEing a Personal Trainer

This past week, I attended the IDEA World Fitness Convention in San Diego, CA. The theme was BE: The Transformation and it was IDEA’s 30th Anniversary! Ok, now that I have gotten past the main set up, let me tell you…it was 3 days of working out, seeing fitness professionals from all over the world and an overall inspiring experience.  I’d like to share 5 things that I learned on this trip:

1.4-6 hours of exercise will not kill you. No! It’s true! Of course I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do it. I did and loved (almost) every minute of it.

2. Fitness Professionals (Trainers, Instructors, etc.) are human.  They come in all shapes and sizes, races, ages and have varying ranges of ability. Some would challenge themselves and some weren’t feelin’ it as much sometimes.  I saw many fitness professionals turn into “clients” that whined, didn’t finish sets and said repeatedly “Man..I just can’t do it”. But then I saw those same people dig deep and draw from some inspiration inside and give it all they had.

3. Fitness Instructors say “WOO!” a lot around each other.  A lot. Like, there is no “Yes” or “No” but “WOO!”.

4. Canadians are taking over the North American fitness scene.  Straight up.

5. The final thing that I want to mention is that I learned how grateful I am to have a partner/employer that exemplifies that passion and drive that I saw the entire time that I was at the conference.  I had more than a few inspiring moments that taught me that if I don’t give what I have to others, it lies stagnant and ends tight there with me instead of touching or enlightening or improving someone or something else. I’m just lucky enough to see it in action every single day.

So, I am going to BE the transformation, BE the best and touch and BE touched.


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