Waaaaaakkkkkkkeeeee Uuuuuuuupppppp! Are Morning Workouts Worth It?

(Anyone who knows where I got that movie quote from gets to snooze for 5 extra minutes!)

So, I get it. Its not fun waking up in the morning at  5 am to workout. Sometimes its cold, you’re sleepy and well, your breath isn’t always minty fresh after that deep sleep. But, there are some compelling reasons to get your butt up outta the bed and get moving. Here are the top 5:

1. Get it over with already!

  • The place: Your bed. The time: Every day you get up and go to work.
  • You get up, survive your commute to work and skip lunch because you are “too busy”.
  • You say to you yourself “I gotta workout after work.”
  • You continue your day and before you know it, it’s 6:00 pm.
  • You get home, eat dinner, get the kids situated, watch a little television and WHAM! It’s 9:00 pm. And no workout.

It happens. But it happens less when you workout in the morning.

2. You get a Boost for breakfast!

Working out in the morning helps to burn  calories after you finish working out. EPOC-excess post-exercise oxygen consumption helps to boost your metabolism 30-60 minutes post exercise.

3. Brain candy!

Your brain needs oxygen. Exercise gets the blood flowing and oxygen pumping. Exercising can increase mental sharpness for 4-10 hours post workout. Might as well get it poppin’ in the morning. Plus, it saves you time and money from that skipped trip to Starbucks.

4. Eat Better

You start the day doing somthing healthy, you are more likely to be even more mindful of how you maintain your health-which includes selecting good foods that fuel your body.

5. Free your mind!

Early in the morning, its quiet. Not even the busiest of four-year-olds gets up regularly at 5:00 am. You can clear your head and get your mind right for the rest of the day by taking the time out to exercise in the morning.

So, what do you think? Morning exercise yay or nay? Its at least worth a try!


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