Feeling Flexible? The Case for Stretching Before Working Out.


Some people stretch before every exercise routine. And there are others that think it is a waste of time and so, it takes a back seat to the rest of their workout. While some current research shows mixed results of the effects of stretching before and after exercise, there are some good reasons for adding stretching to your regular workout routine:

  1. It can help get your mind right. By this I mean that it can get you in the right frame of mind to begin your workout. A good stretching routine can ease you into a tough workout and then bring you back down when you finish.
  2. Stretching can increase your range of motion. Stretching=flexibility. Flexibility helps you move around more easily during those sharp corner turns on your daily run. This flexibility in your range of motion helps you to prevent injury.
  3. It decreases clumsiness. Taking the time out to stretch can help improve balance and coordination over time. So again, stretching helps with injury prevention. More coordination+less tripping over your own feet=fewer falls.
  4. Improves circulation.Increased blood flow from stretching brings more nourishment to your muscles and helps waste byproduct removal. This helps you recover more quickly from muscle and joint injuries.

Make sure to stay smart about stretching! Remember to not bounce wile you are stretching, focus on major muscle groups and to not aim for pain. So reach for the sky and stay fit, Fitness Reps!


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