Thanksgiving Insipred Workout Moves

Thanksgiving is next week and I love this holiday! What’s not to love about family, food and being grateful for all of the abundance in our lives. As we all know, this is the start of the season of overeating and due to the weather, a decreased desire to get moving. So to help you stay active and celebrate, I came up with this Thanksgiving inspired workout. You know we couldn’t just let you eat all that turkey and stuffing and not give you a chance to work it out in the sprint of the season! The best part is that they are all bodyweight exercises so even grandma can get in on the action. Try it!

Push Away From the Table Push Ups 15 reps – Yep, a traditional push up folks! Plank position, hands shoulder width apart, feet at hip width and engage those abs. Bend elbows until the chest reaches the floor and push up. You can also modify this with your knees on the floor.

Turkey Trot Lunges 15 reps-Walking Lunges.  Stand with your hands on your hips and feet hip-width apart. Step the right leg forward and slowly lower your body until the left knee is close to or touching the floor and bent at least 90 degrees. Then lift the left leg and continue in a walking pattern. You can also do stationery lunges by instead of walking the lunge by standing in one spot and switch legs. To maintain balance, engage your core throughout the exercise and when returning to starting position, push off of your heel.

Count Your Blessings Bicycles 15 reps- Start on your back with your hand behind your head and your legs lifted  and bent at the knees. Engage your abs,lift up, crunch and rotate. Rotate the left side of your body toward the right, keeping your right knee bent and extend the left leg. Rotate to the other side-your legs should move as if you are riding a bicycle. The goal of the rotation is to engage the obliques, so don’t get hung up on touching your elbow to your knee, just make sure you get a good rotation.

Black Friday High Knees 2 minutes– Get ready for those doorbusters on Black Friday with some stationary high knees.  Run in place with your knees lifted high for 2 minutes.

Repeat these moves two more times for Thanksgiving themed calorie burn!


Good and Bad Hair?

One of my favorite movies of all time is School Daze. If you haven’t seen this Spike Lee cinematic masterpiece, I’m sure you can catch it when it pops up on IFC or Black Starz or something.  I mention this because there is a musical number in it (yes..a musical number) where there are women in Spandex gettin’ all catty and singing about each other’s hair (it’s fantastic!). And that got me to thinking about how women, specifically black women manage their hair when working out. It also got me thinking that black women cannot be the only ones who have issues with their hair when working out.

First off, everyone has issues with their hair when they workout, no matter what race and there are a few tips and things that you can do to help keep you from getting it into your eyes, sweating it out too much, etc. One of the most perfect styles to put your hair in (if you have the length) for a workout is the classic ponytail. To ensure that the strands stay in place, you can get a ponytail holder made with silicone and that has little knobs in it to keep hair in place.  I know that Goody makes one called the Stay Put Slide Proof Hold Ponytaill Holder. For those who don’t like the dents or tangles that these types of ponytail holders create, a soft scrunchie may work for you.

Now, I have naturally curly hair that I straighten sometimes so when it is straight, to keep my hair from sweating out sometimes, so I purchased a good moisture-wicking headband to help my edges stay in tact. Lululemon has one called the Lululemon Slipless Headband but I also found a two-pack moisture wicking headbands at Ulta that worked well too.

I have also seen women wrap their hair (and I have done this as well) in a net and cover with a cotton or satin scarf. Another product that I have seen and I am very curious about is the Save Your Do Gymwrap found for purchase on Its a little pricey, but may be worth it!

All in all maintaining an exercise regimen is of course important, so don’t let something like bad gym hair (or bad yoga hair, or bad running hair) keep you from looking and feeling your overall overall best.  I know there are lots of different ways to care for your hair during and after a good workout so please share! How do you keep your do looking good after a workout?