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Fitness Adventures: Dave & Busters

Dave and Busters


It’s Spring Break week for the kids here in Chicago, so the beau and I decided to take the kids over to Dave & Busters.  If you have never been to Dave and Busters, its kind of like a sophisticated Chuck E. Cheese. There are games, prizes, food and adult beverages. Fun is to be had by all!

Wednesdays are half price days, we had 3 kids  of various ages and some time to kill so it was perfect.  You must be asking yourself (or me) what in the world does going to Dave and Busters with the kids have to do with fitness? Well, I’ll tell you-a whole lot!

Not only are you walking around the space with the kids, but there are tons of games that will keep you active. We started off with a little Skeeball to warm us up, followed by some air hockey. Both great upper body warmups you also get a bonus core stretch and extension with the air hockey. We then hit the basketball area and shot some hoops for a while, followed by a football toss.

We were good and ready for more of a challenge so the Jumpin’ Jackpot (a game where you are basically jumping a virtual rope at an increasing speed) and Dance Dance Revolution (you know the game..don’t front) and got a good plyometric and total body dance/aerobic workout.

All that moving around can work up an appetite, so luckily, we ate before we came and have some snacks for this kids-almonds, granola bars, fruit, etc. But if you want to eat they do have an extensive menu which includes some selections under 600 calories and salads.

Not only did we have an active time, but we had a wonderful time with the kids, had some healthy competition going and there were prizes involved. One of us luck winners walked away with a moustache necklace! Yep. You read that right! Jealous, I know!

Overall, it was easy, effortless and economical family fun that turned out to be a fitness adventure. Until next time, best your best you!


Looks Delish! Fruit of the Week: Mango


I did not have the pleasure of having mango until I was an adult. And once I tasted it I wondered..”Where have you been all of my life?” Turns out that mangos are not only magically delicious, but they are good for you too. Here are some of the health benefits of mangoes:

  • Cancer prevention: Mangoes have antioxidant properties to help protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancer.
  • A lil’ somethin’ to get you in the mood: Mangoes contain vitmain E in abundance, which helps to sexulate sex hormones and boost your sex drive.
  • I hear it clears your skin! Mangoes help to clear up acne, makes a great face mask for dry and sensitive skin. Find a few mango face masks here.
  • Delicious way to prevent a cold-mangoes have a lot of Vitamin C. So when you get sick of all those oranges, peel a mango!
  • Not only does it have a lots of Vitman E and C, mangoes provide benefits for eye health and contains iron which is great for those who have anemia, menopasal women and pregnant women.

Add mango to our veggie of the week last week-kale, add some almonds and you have a vitamin rich and filling salad that is simple and looks delish!

The Coupled Up Bubble Up? Why People In Love Gain Weight.


You ever wonder why when people hook up long term, they tend to gain some weight? I do. Is it contentment? Laziness? What is it? Of course the picture we see above is not true to life-and it is not an insensitive commentary on the now pregnant Kim, but I think it gets a point across.

Typically, when a person is in a newly committed relationship, they are happy, right? So what do you do when you are happy? You celebrate! What goes along with celebrating? Eating and drinking.  When you are happy, people can overindulge to kind of keep those feelings of euphoria going.

For the ladies-when you eat out with your man and you both order relatively the same thing say, a sandwich, chips and a drink.  Do you eat it all? The same portion of a grown man? Think about it. His eating habits could be rubbing off on you.

Who loves spending times with your significant other all hugged up and stuff?  I do! Who has kids and dogs and jobs and a spouse/partner? I have three out of four and my job involves exercise and it can be tough for me to schedule time after all of that stuff.  Busy adults have busy lives-even when they are single. But add another that you want to spend more time with? That makes it even tougher.

Fortunately, there are some solutions. If you see your signficant other gaining weight or engaging in unhealthy habits, schedule of healthy couple/family time! Go on walks together, sign up for a 5K and run that together, workout together!  Another great couple activity? Sex. It can burn up to 250 calories per hour!  And of course, you could always sign up for couples training with a personal trainer 😉 (Call me! I love coming up with partner exercises!).

Looks Delish! Veggie of the Week: Kale


I love kale! Due to its growing popularity, kale has a nickname-“The Queen of Greens”. And here is why:

  •  It helps to strengthen your immune system. With a high concentration of nutrients, kales helps to strengthen the immune system and helps the body fight viruses and bacteria.  It also contains more iron than beef, so it is an important food for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Its a salon and spa all in one!  Kale has a wonderful mix of omega-3’s and omega-6 that helps with hair growth and keeps your skin and nails looking good.
  • Giving carrots a run for its money, kale has a high concentration of vitamin A to keep your eyes strong and vitamins K and  D to keep your bones strong.
  • Detox! High in fiber and fiber and sulfer, kale is great foor detoxing your body and keeping your liver healthy.

Kale can be eaten steamed with a little garlic, salt and pepper or added to favorite juices or smoothies. Check out some kale recipies that look delish here: