Fitness Adventures: Dave & Busters

Dave and Busters


It’s Spring Break week for the kids here in Chicago, so the beau and I decided to take the kids over to Dave & Busters.  If you have never been to Dave and Busters, its kind of like a sophisticated Chuck E. Cheese. There are games, prizes, food and adult beverages. Fun is to be had by all!

Wednesdays are half price days, we had 3 kids  of various ages and some time to kill so it was perfect.  You must be asking yourself (or me) what in the world does going to Dave and Busters with the kids have to do with fitness? Well, I’ll tell you-a whole lot!

Not only are you walking around the space with the kids, but there are tons of games that will keep you active. We started off with a little Skeeball to warm us up, followed by some air hockey. Both great upper body warmups you also get a bonus core stretch and extension with the air hockey. We then hit the basketball area and shot some hoops for a while, followed by a football toss.

We were good and ready for more of a challenge so the Jumpin’ Jackpot (a game where you are basically jumping a virtual rope at an increasing speed) and Dance Dance Revolution (you know the game..don’t front) and got a good plyometric and total body dance/aerobic workout.

All that moving around can work up an appetite, so luckily, we ate before we came and have some snacks for this kids-almonds, granola bars, fruit, etc. But if you want to eat they do have an extensive menu which includes some selections under 600 calories and salads.

Not only did we have an active time, but we had a wonderful time with the kids, had some healthy competition going and there were prizes involved. One of us luck winners walked away with a moustache necklace! Yep. You read that right! Jealous, I know!

Overall, it was easy, effortless and economical family fun that turned out to be a fitness adventure. Until next time, best your best you!



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